Mold doesn’t just smell bad, it can also be hazardous to your health. As you breathe in the spores, you can develop sinus problems, coughing problems, headaches, and possibly worse. What are you supposed to do when you find mold developing in your apartment? For mod in apartments tenants rights exist. At Your Insurance Attorney in Coconut Grove, we have helped many homeowners file claims throughout Miami-Dade County, including mold disputes between tenants and landlords. First, know that an insurance claim lawyer can help you setting your case, but there’s more to the story than just that. Here’s what you need to know.

How is Mold Dangerous?
As mentioned above briefly, mold spores can cause a slew of symptoms if breathed in excessively. Coughing, weezing, sinus problems, and asthma attacks are all examples of common symptoms that stem from extended mold exposure. Things can get worse though, as black mold is toxic and can greatly impact the health of the residents of an apartment. In some cases, a mold situation can escalate to a personal injury claim if nothing has been done about it. If a property fails to properly remediate a mold situation, they can be held responsible for any sickness you or other tenants develop as a result.

Mold In Apartments Tenants Rights
It’s important to know that, in Florida, residential landlords are responsible for preventing the development of mold in their apartments. When you first notice the development of mold, it’s very important that you report it to your landlord right away. If they do not take care of it, and you or someone in the apartment becomes ill, they can be held liable for those damages. This can result in claims for rent repayment, rent reduction, the cleaning or replacing of the tenant’s property if it was affected by mold, and the remediation of the mold.

All that said, it’s important to note that it’s the tenant’s responsibility to report the discover of mold as soon as possible. If the tenant withholds that information, and later files a personal injury claim against the property damage lawyer , the landlord can use the tenant’s procrastination to defend themselves against the claim. This can make mold-related insurance claims a bit dicey. If the mold has existed for a long period of time, a landlord could claim that you knew of the mold and were withholding information, even if you hadn’t noticed it until recently. In circumstances like these, an insurance claim lawyer may be able to help.

Contact Us For an Insurance Claim Lawyer
When discovering mold in apartments tenants rights in Florida dictate that the landlord is responsible for remediating the problem. If your landlord claims your response was not prompt, even if the message was delivered ASAP, or if you’ve gotten sick from mold due to your landlord’s negligence, then you need legal help. For residents throughout Miami-Dade County, Your Insurance Attorney is here for you. Contact us today in Coconut Grove for assistance with your insurance claim.