If My Siding Damages My Neighbors Property Due to High Winds, Do I Owe Them?

Wind damage can just as unpredictable as the storms that cause them. Here in Florida, we are more susceptible for our homes being inflicted by damages from the wind more so than any other state. However, if the situation arises when your siding damages your neighbor’s property, things can get confusing. Who is responsible? Do you owe them? Will your insurance cover it? Your Insurance Attorney in Miami, Florida is no stranger to these types of cases. We discuss what to do in different situations more below. If you have any more questions, contact a public adjuster in Miami about your options.

Your Homeowner’s Policy

The first thing you should look at is what it says under your homeowner’s policy. If you are a renter, you can potentially redirect the claim to your landlord, however, you still need to check your renter’s insurance policy as well as your lease agreement about who needs to file a claim. Most insurance companies will offer you protection for these types of uncontrollable damages, but you may not know if you have it or if the situations below actually pertain to the policy enacted in your paperwork. A public adjuster in Miami can help you determine what is covered in your paperwork.

Wind Damage Scenarios

The amount of damage that can be done by a hurricane, tropical storm, or even just an extremely rainy Tuesday is astonishing. High winds during these storms inflict damage by the sheer force of those winds or from flying debris that unfortunately land on your property. But let’s look at a scenario where your home’s siding, for example, is ripped off of your home during a storm and causes damage to your neighbor’s property. You know that it was your siding that caused this damage, but should you have to pay for it? Let’s look at these scenarios more in depth:

Your siding damages your neighbor’s property

The general rule of thumb for most cases where wind causes damage is that the insurance police of the property that was damaged pays for the loss. So, in this case, no, your and your insurance do not have to be involved in the damages to your neighbor’s property. Their homeowner’s insurance should cover this issue despite the fact that it was your product that caused the destruction.

Your siding damages your own property

Your homeowner’s insurance should cover any damages that are caused by storms. This will depend sole on your individual policy limits, as we as your agreed upon deductible. Be sure that you take these scenarios into consideration when agreeing on a deductible. This coverage should extend to your home garage, shed, or fence.

Your siding damages your neighbor’s car

If your siding damages your neighbor’s car then the comprehensive coverage of the vehicle owner’s auto policy will cover the damages. Generally the owner of the siding is not responsible.

Who You Gonna Call?

If your neighbor is trying to hold you responsible for unpredictable wind damage caused by your possessions, speak with a public adjuster in Miami by contacting us here at Your Insurance Attorney.


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