What is The Difference Between a Hurricane and Windstorm?

If you live in Miami-Dade County, you’ve probably heard the words hurricane and windstorm before, but have you ever found yourself questioning what is a windstorm, and how is it different than a hurricane? Although the two are very similar, there are some differences that you should know. Your Insurance Attorney has a professional insurance claims adjuster who can help you figure out what the difference is between the two and how you should prepare for both. Keep reading to find out more about these two storms. 


Answering the Questions: What is a Windstorm and How is it Different From a Hurricane?

If you live in Florida, you have definitely heard the words windstorm and hurricane before, but understanding the difference can be tricky, especially when it comes to insurance policies and knowing what is covered in yours. Speaking with an experienced insurance claims adjuster is a fantastic first step in understanding the major difference between these two weather situations. Keep reading to find out more information about the storms and what each of them means for you and your property.


By definition and on paper, a hurricane is a tropical cyclone that originates and forms in the North Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, or in the Eastern North Pacific Ocean. Not only does a severe cyclone need to form, but there also needs to be winds of at least seventy-four miles per hour or greater. In addition to the wind, there also needs to be rain, lightning, and thunder that moves into temperate latitudes. On the other hand, a windstorm consists of strong and violent winds, but there is no precipitation of any kind. 


In addition to windstorms and hurricanes, there are also tropical storms that could be a threat to the Florida area. Now similarly, to windstorms, a tropical storm has strong and violent winds and precipitation, just like a hurricane. So you may be wondering what the difference between a hurricane and tropical storm is then. Well, when differentiating between a hurricane and a tropical storm, it is all about the wind mileage. In order for a storm to be considered a hurricane, it needs to consist of winds that are at least seventy-four miles per hour or more, and a tropical storm has winds that are seventy-three miles per hour or less. That is truly the only difference between a tropical storm and a hurricane. Another similarity between hurricanes and tropical storms is the structures. They both have “eyes” in the center, are formed over tropical waters, and move in a swirling circular motion. 


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