Faulty Appliance Caused Water Damage? Read Here!

Water damage can be a major pain to deal with. It’s very easy for the damage to spread to many different areas and ruin parts of your home and various possessions of yours. If this was caused by a faulty appliance, then you might have a water damage insurance claim on your hands. In this case, for residents of the Miami-Dade county, a property damage attorney Miami homeowners can trust is essential. This is where we at Your Insurance Attorney come in. Located in Coconut Grove, we’ve helped many Miami homeowners handle their water damage claims, and we want to share some important information that can help you too.


The Details are in the Warranty

Did you know that every product you may purchase will come with implied warranties based on the function of the product in question? This warranty must be upheld by the manufacturer, even if they weren’t the ones to sell you the product, and this warranty will cover any damages related to core functions of the product failing. For example, if you have a washing machine, the expectation is a device that will clean your clothes without causing some amount of flooding or even an electrical fire.


What this ultimately means is that if you have an appliance that is faulty (i.e. fails to perform it’s core functionality in some way), then you’re entitled to compensation for that fault. To be more specific, a faulty appliance would be one where, when used properly, some kind of malfunction occurs. This will not apply to user error. For example, if you were to overflow your washing machine with an entire gallon of detergent, the warranty wouldn’t cover the damages because they would be caused by user error.


Why Seek a Property Damage Attorney When Filing a Water Damage Insurance Claim?

Regarding any kind of claim, you’re going to be dealing with an insurance company. The truth about insurance companies is that they don’t necessarily care about you as a consumer. What they care about is ensuring they spend as little money as possible covering any damages for any client. If your home has suffered water damage from a faulty appliance, you’ll be dealing with the manufacturer’s insurance company, for example.


After the claim has been filed, an insurance adjuster will show up to inspect the damages, and they’ll use their expertise to try and cheat. By this, we mean that they’ll use their knowledge to underestimate the value of certain repairs or replacement costs in an attempt to minimize the expenses paid by the insurance company. This is why hiring a property damage attorney Miami residents can trust is so important. Rather than investigate damages with the favor of the insurance company in mind, they’ll be doing the same for you in mind–making sure you receive the highest value for the repairs and replacements you need to put quality above all else. Because they understand the ins and outs of the legal process regarding claims, they’ll be able to combat the expertise held by insurance companies and fight to get you the best possible compensation.


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If you have a water damage insurance claim on your hands, whether it’s from a faulty appliance or otherwise, contact us at Your Insurance Attorney. Our experienced team will work to fight for your rights and not the pockets of the insurance company you’re faced with. Located in Coconut Grove, we can help clients in need throughout the Miami-Dade county.

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