Has Water Damage Led To Electrical Malfunction In Your Home?

In areas prone to flooding and water damage like coastal Florida, there are certain risks that come with steady rain. These risks include not only the general dangers that come with a storm or hurricane, but also with the resulting water damage and what it can do to electrical wiring in your home. Heavy rainfall and storms can cause water to seep into your home through windows, leaky roofs, and other openings. This leakage can cause serious damage to your structure, and can also affect your electrical damage. This damage is possibly covered under your existing insurance policy, and you may not be aware of every aspect that can be included as part of your claim. Your Insurance Attorney may be able to assist you in examining the situation and what’s covered in your policy to use to your advantage. Your Insurance Attorney is a top insurance lawyer in the Miami Dade County area. Call us today for a consultation regarding your water damage insurance claim.


Electrical Malfunction Caused by Water Damage


Everybody knows that water and electricity doesn’t mix. As a home and/or business owner or operator, it’s important to be aware regarding the status of your electrical wiring following water damage to your home, as even minor damage can put you and your family in serious harm. One of the major dangers that water damage can do to wiring is to increase the risk of fire. Damaged wiring of any type increases the risk of property fire that could devastate your home. Wires may be exposed, or making contacts that they are not supposed to be, and the situation can become increasingly more dangerous the longer it is left untreated. You can also risk electrical shock in a variety of ways due to faulty wiring after a storm. This can occur if you are handling damaged wiring, or failing to notice electrified tools, equipment, or standing water, and you or a member of your family can end up with serious injuries due to this.


Electrical Wiring Problems Can Be Part of Your Water Damage Insurance Claim


Moreover, due to the fact that electricity and wiring are such specific systems, they can cause permanent increased damage the longer that they are left unfixed. By failing to correct damaged components, your initial water damage can cause more damage to your electrical system as well as appliances and devices that are plugged in throughout the home. Power surges or other issues may occur as a result of the damaged wiring arcing, and any devices plugged into the system may become permanently damaged. Top insurance lawyer Your Insurance Attorney notes that fixing your electrical wiring may be covered in your insurance policy, and can be part of your water damage claim to the insurance company. It is imperative for you to fix your electrical systems following water damage, and you shouldn’t let cost be a deterrent- make sure to find out which electrical systems are covered under your claim.


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Water damage can result in electrical wiring issues that need to be addressed immediately. These costs may be covered as part of your water damage insurance claim. Your Insurance Attorney is a top insurance lawyer in Miami Dade County. Call us today for a free initial consultation!

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