Is My Landlord Responsible For My Medical Bills That Resulted From Toxic Mold?

You spent weeks looking for the perfect apartment for you. You wanted a place that matched perfectly with your style. You made sure that it included all the necessary rooms and was in decent shape. You also considered how close it was to your work. Something you didn’t even think about looking into was whether the property was contaminated with black toxic mold. Miami residents need to be aware of this deadly killer, and an insurance claims attorney can help. Give us a call today!


Stachybotrys Chartarum

This lovely term is actually the name of the type of mold that is most likely in your infected body and resides in your home. It can cause serious health problems after periods of exposure which include respiratory problems, internal organ damage, mental impairment, nausea, and skin inflammation. Mold can also cause property damage to top it all off. Because this type of mold is black and lives in dark places, it can go undetected until it is too late.


Toxic Mold Is Your Landlord’s Responsibility

A landlord is required by law to provide you with proper living condition for their tenants. It is even stated in the lease agreements. They must provide a home that is free from health or safety hazards. This is called implied warranty of habitability.  


Since the relationship between you and your landlord are legally defined through a lease agreement, contractual provisions addressing things that lead to mold growth would be enforceable. For instance, if your contract states that the landlord is responsible for fixing all plumbing problems, but a leaky pipe eventually leads to mold growth, failure to fix this issues can result to a breach of contract lawsuit. This is when an insurance claims attorney is necessary.


Time to Sue

You tried to play nice, but your landlord just is not cooperating. The time has come you need to sue due to their negligence to avoid the entire situation in the first place. It really depends on the extent of your mold-related illness and property losses. You jurisdiction also limits the dollar amount on the claim. You may be able to solve this matter in a small claims court. These claims range from $3000 to $10,000.


If the dollar amount of your total bills is higher than your state’s small claims limit, you need an attorney to file a more formal injury claim.


Damages From Mold Include:

  • Medical expenses related to mold exposure. This may include future costs as well if you are able to prove the need for ongoing medical care.
  • Lost wages as a result of the illness, time spent removing mold from the rental property, or other mold-related causes.
  • Destruction of property related to mold contamination.
  • Loss of earning capacity as a result of injuries.
  • Pain and suffering.


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