Hurricane Property Insurance Myths

We are almost at the start of hurricane season. For some that can be scary, while for others it can be annoying. However, one thing is for certain. You must prepare for the worst no matter what. At Your Insurance Attorney, we want to help you do exactly that. Think about this… How does insurance tie into everything? Let’s say your home gets substantial damage. Will your home insurance cover all the losses? To help answer this question, we want to go over a few hurricane property insurance myths, and how our storm lawyer and property damage lawyer can help.


So, What’s The Truth?

The purchase of flood insurance is mandatory for nearly all homes with mortgages located in FEMA-defined high-risk flood zones, but it is not required for homes without mortgages in high-risk flood zones or homes outside high-risk flood zones. Uninformed homeowners will not buy flood insurance unless they are required to do so—and not all homeowners in flood-prone areas are required to buy flood insurance.


The following are common myths when it comes to hurricanes and their coverage:

  • I already have homeowner’s insurance, so everything on my property is covered, and I’m financially prepared for the storm season.
  • When an insurance company denies a claim or provides an inadequate claim payment, I must pay out-of-pocket to cover any additional expenses from damages that occurred to my property.
  • When contractors offer to waive my insurance deductible to provide repairs at a discounted rate, this is simply a kind gesture.
  • An Assignment of Benefits (AOB) agreement is the only way to get immediate assistance for Floridians who have damage to their property.
  • Insurance companies can take as long as they want to respond to an insurance claim filed by Floridians.
  • If my neighbor’s property is blown into my yard and damages my own property, my neighbor’s insurance will cover the cost of damage.
  • My insurance agent is the only person I need to contact when filing an insurance claim.

If you have questions regarding these common myths, we are here to help! Remember that we have answers for you.


You Can Count On Our Storm Lawyer

Living in Florida during the Summer months, always seem to be a little stressful. No matter how normal the weather feels, there is always a chance at any moment for a hurricane to strike. In the unfortunate situation that a storm does hit, this means your home is vulnerable to substantial damage. Luckily, if this were to ever happen, our hurricane lawyer is here for you. Your Insurance Attorney specializes in wind and hurricane damage claims. This is why we are deemed one of the best lawyer near me. We are conveniently located in Miami.


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Let our storm lawyer help you! Your Insurance Attorney is here for you. Having a hurricane claim attorney in Miami-Dade assist you with your insurance claim can help to ensure that you receive a fair settlement from your insurance company. We offer free claim analysis, so don’t waste any time. Contact our property damage lawyer at (305) 800-4762 today!

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