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Here in Florida, we are no strangers to severe weather like tropical storms and hurricanes. During these times, our homes are susceptible to wind and water damage. Especially if you’re new to Miami-Dade county, you might be curious about how your homeowners insurance will cover any damages you receive. We at Your Insurance Attorney in Coconut Grove have helped many a Miami homeowner handle their wind and storm damage claim. Because of that experience, we can share some information you need to know about these claims, including why you might need the assistance of a property damage lawyer Miami homeowners can trust. Your insurance company may not help you the way you think they will.


What to Know About Weather-Related Coverage

The good news is that when faced with wind and rain, any damage you’ll likely be faced with will also likely be covered by your homeowners insurance. Most forms of extreme weather will be covered by most plans, even in the event of a hurricane. There are wind-related and hurricane-related deductibles, though, so you may want to discuss those with your insurance company. Regardless of how you’re covered though, you’ll want to be proactive. Protecting your home and preparing for hurricanes to minimize the damages is still very important, even if you’re covered. Consider investing in impact glass windows, and have steel shutters on-hand. These will not only help keep you safe, but also potentially lower your premiums.


There are a couple forms of severe weather not covered by typical homeowners insurance, however. There are two to be specific: earthquakes and floods. Floods specifically are something you’ll absolutely want to have covered living in Florida, particularly if you live close to the coast. To cover for floods, you’ll need another specialized insurance plan.


Why Seek a Property Damage Attorney When Handling a Storm Damage Claim

With any kind of claim, you’re going to be dealing with an insurance company. The reality about insurance companies is that they don’t necessarily care about you as a consumer. What they care about is ensuring they save as much money as possible covering any damages for any client.


After the claim has been filed, an insurance adjuster will show up to inspect the damages, and they’ll use their knowledge to try and cheat. By this, we mean that they’ll use their skills to lowball the value of certain repairs or replacement costs in an attempt to minimize the expenses paid by the insurance company. This is why hiring a property damage lawyer Miami residents can trust is so important. Rather than investigate damages with the favor of the insurance company in mind, they’ll be doing the same for you in mind–making sure you receive the best value for the repairs and replacements you need to put quality above everything else. Because they understand the ins and outs of the legal process regarding claims, they’ll be able to combat the expertise held by insurance companies and work to get you the best possible compensation.


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If you’re faced with a storm damage claim, contact us at Your Insurance Attorney. Our experienced team will work to fight for your rights and not the pockets of the insurance company you’re faced with. Located in Coconut Grove, we can help clients in need throughout Miami-Dade county.

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