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One of the worst situations you may find yourself in is to discover that your tires were slashed. It can be quite expensive to have to replace all of your car’s tires, and you may be wondering what you should do in this situation, and how you will able to pay for this unforeseen expense. Does your insurance cover this loss, or will you have to pay for it out of pocket? There are a few things to keep in mind when you’re faced with slashed tires, as there are a few situations under which the circumstances fall. It’s important to be informed regarding your next steps and whether or not you will need to take legal action, as well as how to file the case with your insurance if they will cover it. Your Insurance Attorney is a top insurance claims attorney in the Miami area. Call  us today for a consultation!


What to Do If You Find Your Tires Slashed


The first thing you should do after you find that your tires have been slashed is to think about who could have done this act and the reasons for them to do so. A common motive for slashing somebody’s tires is revenge, as slashing tires is an easy way to get revenge while leaving behind minimal evidence of the perpetrator. Think about any potential enemies you may have, or anybody who may want to harm you. If you are unable to think of any particular person that would commit this act, then it may have just been a random act of vandalism. No matter if you have suspicions regarding who did it or not, the first thing that should be done after noticing your slashed tires is to call the police and file an initial police report within 24 hours of the incident. An extra eye may be kept by the police in an area that is reporting numerous slashed tires. If the offender knows that the police are watching, the offender may be made more wary to strike again. You should also make sure to call your insurance company as soon as possible following the incident because it will not only assist with the investigation, but you will want resolution as soon as possible to this costly incident in order to be able to drive again.


Reasons for Slashed Tires


Finding your tires slashed may have a variety of reasons- from a mere act of vandalism to crossing the wrong person to driving over tire spikes or debris. You will need to get an official police report as to what happened as the insurance company will most likely require this information. If there were any witnesses to the crime, you should get their contact information as soon as possible on the spot, and also check to see if you can obtain any surveillance video that caught footage of what happened. Top insurance claims attorney Your Insurance Attorney notes that whether or not you are able to file a claim for your slashed tires will depend mostly on the type of car insurance coverage that you have. Not all insurance policies will cover tire replacement, and a lot of basic car insurance coverage will not cover tires that have been slashed as it does not fall under “accidents with another vehicle.”


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It’s important to be aware of whether or not you can file a claim with your insurance company to repair slashed tires. Your Insurance Attorney is a top insurance claims attorney in the Miami area. Call us today for a free initial consultation!

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