The Hidden Dangers of a Leaky Roof

The Miami area is no stranger to stormy weather, especially during the summer. Strong winds and heavy rain on a regular basis can easily spell “leaky roof” for many homeowners, but it’s important to remember that a leaking roof is more severe than it may initially seem. We at Your Insurance Attorney have seen many a roof leak repair cost and want to share our knowledge on what to look out for. This way you can be prepared when you see these consequences and contact a property damage attorney Miami residents trust. We are located in Coconut Grove.


The Dangers of Leaky Roofs

With heavy wind and rain comes the risk for roof damage that ultimately leads to water finding its way into your home. Water in unwanted places can cause a lot of damage, so there are a few things you should investigate when you notice a roof leak.

  • Attic and Ceiling Damage
    • Naturally, as water leaks into your home, your ceiling is the first thing that will show signs of damage either as water erodes or even collects in places. If you have an attic, this can also lead to leaks on stored items, many of which may be delicate or sensitive.
  • Mold and Mildew
    • Anytime you have water collecting in unwanted places, the risk of mold and mildew arises. Both can lead to health risks for everyone in the household. They release spores that can spread through your home and impact everyone’s respiratory systems. Black mold is also common in these cases and is quite toxic.
  • Electrical Fire Damage
    • As many of us know, water and electricity aren’t a good mix. If you have wiring in your ceiling or attic, there’s a chance that could be impacted by the water. This can create a major risk for electrical fires.
  • Structural Damage
    • Water ultimately causes wood to weaken and rot if it can’t properly dry. Bad leaks over prolonged durations can seriously jeopardize the integrity of rafters, ceiling joists, and other integral, structural components of your home. 
  • Weak Insulation
    • Water damage in the ceiling or attic of your home can also weaken your insulation as well. This can quickly add the value of your increased energy bills on top of the damages from the leaks.
  • Slip and Fall Hazards
    • If the water leak drips into your living spaces, there’s the added risk that you could unknowingly slip and fall on a hard floor.


Handling The Roof Leak Repair Cost

With homeowner’s insurance, you’ll be able to receive compensation for a leaky roof and the damages it may bring. That said, insurance companies will try to find every way possible to pay you as little as possible. For residents of the Miami area, what you need is a property damage attorney Miami residents trust to ensure they get the compensation they need. The best way to handle the costs of roof leak damage is therefore to hire a professional to protect you from an insurance company’s steamrolling.


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If you’re facing a heavy roof leak repair cost, and your insurance company isn’t providing you with the compensation you need, don’t fret. The experts at Your Insurance Attorney can help fight for you and your needs to ensure you’re compensated for the full cost. For residents of the Miami area and Coconut Grove, contact us today to learn more about protecting your rights as a homeowner.

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