Was Your Property Damaged? Beware of the Right To Repair Act

How much can really trust when it comes to insurance companies. In a perfect world, if your home gets destroyed by a storm, your insurance company will have your back and fix your home without you having to put any more money down. Unfortunately, that is not how it works. It is a very complicated process, especially when the Right to Repair Act comes into play. Here at Your Insurance Attorney, our team of experts is here to break it down for you. You can count on our property damage lawyer Miami. 


How Does it Work?

Consumers often associate having insurance for their property with some level of financial security in the event of a catastrophe. Some wrongly believe that if something terrible happens, their insurance companies will be on their side, ready to pay for damages and provide relief. However, insurance companies tend to do everything in their power to pay as little as possible. After all, they want to make a profit.


Insurance companies are known to deny claims, insist policies don’t cover what the holders say they do, lowball offers, and avoid disclosing additional funds for which consumers qualify. Insurance dispute lawyers work to straighten out relationships between the companies and the insured, helping clients receive the compensation they deserve. Nonetheless, as a policyholder, there are a few things you could do to reduce claim disputes with your insurance company.


What is the Right to Repair Act

Under this provision, insurance companies can hire a contractor to perform repairs on your damaged property. In other words, instead of paying you money, they pay their “preferred contractor” for their services. This means the contractor works for the insurance company and not for you. Therefore, the contractor may take shortcuts, not fix items that should be fixed, or not perform the work to your standards, and you may have very little recourse against them. The right to repair clause can also be called “option to repair,” and it is usually found under the “loss payment” portion of policies.


We Are Here To Help!

If your home has been damaged through some type of disaster, vandalism, or you have suffered a loss through theft, you have likely filed a claim with your insurance company. This can often take quite a bit of time, and some insurance claims even get denied or paid insufficiently, which is unsatisfying and can seem unfair. As an insurance lawyer Miami locals trust, we don’t sit around waiting to see how your insurance company is going to help you, we talk directly with them and let them know what exactly you are entitled to. Best of all, you incur no fees unless you win!


Call Our Property Damage Lawyer Miami

Find out all you need to know when it comes to the Right to Repair Act. The last thing you want is for your home to be destroyed and your left dealing with all the payment. Let our insurance attorney help. We have everything you need to know. At The Injury Assistance Law Firm, our property lawyer is here to ensure you are updated when it comes to what you need to do for your roof. Call our property damage lawyer Miami residents today for more information. Our office is in Miami.

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