Do You Have a Managed Repair Clause on Your Policy?

When you look into your insurance policy, have you taken time to look in the repair clause? While many insurance companies claim that these repair clauses protect consumers, we disagree. Your Insurance Attorney is here to tell you why. We are a residential claims adjuster that will provide you with all the information you need. We are a public adjuster Miami.


What Are These Repair Clauses?

Multiple insurers added a managed repair clause to the policies they sell in recent years. They sell it as a way to protect policyholders from fraud. Managed repair programs often force homeowners to go with one of the company’s preferred contractors. According to some experts, many customers have complained to the state of Florida about managed repair programs going wrong.


Many property insurance policies contain ‘Right to Repair’ provisions. This is also called an ‘Option to Repair’ provision. These clauses may give the insurance company considerable power to control the repairs to your home. Your Florida property insurance policy may have this type of clause, and you don’t even know it. This is possible even if you have never heard of it before. While it is not frequently invoked, it is controversial and can lead to property insurance disputes. You can trust our public adjuster Miami.


Our Residential claims Adjuster Want You To Understand The Clause

Here is a list of things we feel you should know when it comes to the right to repair.

  • You should receive your own property insurance policy
    • Miami property owners need to know if their policy actually contains this type of provision. Your insurance provider will only be able to exercise a ‘Right to Repair’ clause if one is actually expressly written in your policy. As always, it is a good idea to review your coverage so that you can fully understand your rights and responsibilities.


  • The provision may give insurance companies control over repairs
    • If a ‘Right to Repair’ clause is contained in your insurance policy, then that means that your insurer may have the legal right to repair your property damage. In practice, this means that the insurance company, instead of paying you a settlement, can hire contractors to repair your property and replace the destroyed or severely damaged goods.


  • If invoked, the insurer becomes the Guarantor
    • When your insurance company invokes the ‘Right to Repair’, it will become the guarantor of all the work done on your property. This means that if something goes wrong, or if something is not fixed in the appropriate manner, then the insurance company is financially responsible for taking care of that problem. In many cases, this puts a considerable burden on the insurance company. Do not let an insurance company tell you that the contractor will guarantee the work, as it is actually the responsibility of the insurance company.


  • “Right to Repair” is often used as a negotiating tactic
    • Insurance companies are typically not eager to invoke their ‘Right to Repair’; the reason for this is that doing so exposes them to significant hassle and a considerable amount of long-term risk. However, insurance companies do sometimes use the threat of invoking it in order to get property owners to agree to an unfair settlement offer. You should never agree to accept any less than you are owed under the terms of your policy. If your insurer is threatening to invoke its ‘Right to Repair’, you should consult our professionals immediately.


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