How We Help When Fighting Your Underpaid Property Damage Claim

Are you being underpaid after your property damage claim? This is not okay. It is your money that is getting messed with. Here at Your Insurance Attorney, our team of professionals is here to make sure you get the amount you deserve. We are a property damage attorney who cares! We are going to teach you the best tricks to get you the best outcome for Miami residents. 


Tips and Tricks

  • Never assume a claim amount is accurate or final
    • Far too many property owners take the first offer that their insurance company makes. They are afraid that if they fight, they might not get any money at all. Or they are afraid that, if they fight, their repairs will be delayed, and they will have to live in limbo. Some simply don’t want to cause trouble or extend the process. 
    • If you accept these inaccurate claim amounts without a fight, you are letting the insurance company break their contract with you, and you are accepting less than you rightfully deserve. Receiving an underpayment may mean not having the funds to repair your property. It also means getting taken advantage of. 
  • What should you do if you think your insurance company is underpaying your claim? 
    • If you believe that your property insurance claim is being underpaid, you need to take action now. Consider getting an independent inspection of your property to see if the cost of your damage is comparable to what your insurance company believes. Know that you can reopen a closed claim if you discover that you were underpaid, and consider speaking to a knowledgeable property insurance attorney about your claim.


Avoid Getting Underpaid With a Property Damage Claim

Denied insurance claims or an underpaid insurance claim can leave you feeling vulnerable, taken advantage of, discouraged and afraid of what the potential outcome may bring. All too often, after making a claim many are denied or left underpaid for what seems like no legitimate reason at all, and the insurance you’ve carried for your home or your business isn’t covering you when you need it most.


Your Insurance Attorney is here to help. As representatives to both individuals as well as small to midsize businesses, we fight denied or underpaid insurance claims, from all types of property damages to claims for complex business damages.


You Can Count On Us!

There are many different ways a home can become damaged, and home insurance is usually flexible to different types of losses. Unfortunately, insurance companies are not always easy to deal with — this where an experienced property damage attorney based in Miami, FL can help you.


Call Our Property Damage Attorney Today!

Make sure you are fully informed when it comes to dealing with a property damage claim. You never know when you may need one. If your home has been damaged through some type of water damage, you have likely filed a claim with your insurance company. This can often take quite a bit of time, and some insurance claims even get denied or paid insufficiently, which is unsatisfying and can seem unfair. As an insurance lawyer locals trust, we don’t sit around waiting to see how your insurance company is going to help you, we talk directly with them and let them know what exactly you are entitled to. Best of all you incur no fees unless you win! Call our property damage lawyer Miami today for more information. We are located in Miami-Dade County.

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