6 Plumbing Issues Older Homes Face

If you’re living in an older home, there are a ton of ups and downs that you can face. For starters, the unique charm offered from an older how is unmatched. No matter how hard people try, they can never recreate the authentic charm from an older home. However, owners of these older homes know that with beautiful antique esthetic comes some antique hardware that can cause a lot of problems. One of the most common issues older homes face is the plumbing is not the best. Whether it’s because of older pimps and inefficient systems people in older houses end up finding themselves paying a lot of money to get their plumbing updated and fixed. According to the property damage attorney at Your Insurance Attorney, there are a few common issues that these types of homes face. If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation where you suffer from plumbing damage they can help you find an insurance claims adjuster in Miami Dade County that can help you understand your options and how to fix your problems for good.


When It Comes To Plumbing Problems Listen to the Property Damage Attorney

It is impossible to predict what plumbing issues your home is going to face when you are buying it. Purchasing an older home you know that there’s a possibility that more issues will arise, but you can never know for sure. On the other hand, there are issues that older homes are more prone to experience, and it’s helpful if you have this knowledge under your belt before deciding to live in one.

  • Galvanized Pipes: These are present in a lot of older homes and could affect your water. The pipes could start corroding, which ends up causing a drop in the pressure. Ultimately what happens to these pipes is the zinc that was originally coating an iron pipe begins to erode and exposing the iron. Once the iron is exposed, it will immediately start to rust, eventually causing the pipes to fail. A telltale sign that this is happening in your home, the water will become discolored due to the rust. The solution to this problem is having the pipes replaced by a modern alternative, such as copper or PEX.


  • Polybutylene Pipes: From the late 70s to early 90s this was thought of as a great water pipe product. It was easy to install and came at a price almost everyone could easily afford. However, this pipe breaks down when exposed to water. If these are present in your home, you’ll need an experienced plumber to come in and replace every single part of your plumbing system because if this problem is left unattended, a leak could form damaging all of your property.


  • Sewer Lines: No one ever likes to think of there being problems with their sewer lines because they’re responsible for taking your home’s water from the drains to the sewer main. Since sewer lines are always wet, they are extremely attractive to tree roots and cast iron pipes, which were typically used in older homes, are very susceptible to cracks caused by invading tree roots. This cracking can eventually create a complete clog and back up into your house. A plumber can send a camera through the pipes to find any cracking and treat it before a clog can cause an issue.


  • Drains: After many years of flushing water, soap scum, and shampoo down the drain there is bound to be some issues with the efficiency of an older home’s drainage. If you notice a slow-moving drain and you’re living in an older home, it may be a good idea to call a plumber to have them come in a take a look to make sure there is nothing more serious happening deeper in the pipes.

There is no doubt a risk when living in any house that something may go wrong. However, the chances do increase when you’re living in a home that’s over 50 years old and features a lot of the original plumbing and fixtures. If you do experience damage, it’s essential to have an insurance claims adjuster come out to assist your damage before any work gets down, but it’s even more critical that you stay on top of these warning signs!

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