What is a Proof Of Loss?

Many Florida residents jest with tourists “if you don’t like the weather here, wait 20 minutes and maybe you will.” Given how quickly the weather can change from bright and sunny to a severe thunderstorm and back again- it is as true a statement as any. In a place like Miami Dade County where accepting weather damage is practically a residential requirement, it is important to have a great property damage lawyer to help you through any claims. The first step to filing a successful claim is providing proof of loss; that is where Your Insurance Attorney can help.

Dealing With Loss

When dealing with your insurance company, proof can be required for any kind of loss you are trying to claim; it could be your home or auto insurance, even your health or life insurance policies may require paperwork to prove loss. For the purposes of this blog, however, we will focus more on property damage. The process to prove loss can be tedious, and in many instances, there are seemingly countless forms to fill out to prove you need the amount you are claiming the damage for. Property damage could include your home or items in your home. This is one of the reasons (second to theft) that insurance companies recommend recording any serial numbers or model numbers for anything of value you have insured. For example, a property damage lawyer might look over a claim for repair or replacement on a laptop that may have been water damaged by a broken window during a storm. One of the first things they will ask for is the model and serial numbers. This will help establish the value of the laptop at the time it was damaged, and it will also help in coming up with an acceptable amount for the replacement or repair.

Proof of Loss Requirements

Sometimes when claiming a loss, the amount needed for repair or replacement can be astronomical; it is for this reason that insurance requires proof in the first place. There are different stages to proving loss, for the best results everything surrounding the loss should be recorded and organized. It is essential to record the date and cause of the damage, as well as the insured individuals that are involved in filing the claim. Any documentation that supports the loss is critical to this process. It could be in the form of serial and model numbers, as previously mentioned, or it could be inspection results or estimates on imminent repairs. If the repair process has already taken place, the receipt for the cost of repair is important as well. There are many other requirements for proving loss; your property damage lawyer is the best resource in making sure you have everything you need.

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