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Having mold in your home can be one of the hardest things to deal with. Partly because most of the time you don’t know you have it until it’s too late. However, if you suspect your home has mold, it could be a great idea to sit down to speak an expert in the field before contacting your insurance company. A mold lawyer could be an excellent resource for you to speak with about why you suspect mold and what damage you’ve already noticed it’s doing. An insurance attorney Miami will be able to sit down with you and go over all the information you have and find out what your options are in regards to filing a claim with your insurance provider or how to find out additional information you’ll need to complete the claim. If you’re in the Miami area you have a great resource at Your Insurance Attorney as a leading lawyer in the area they can provide you with the guidance and assistance you need to make the best decision possible for yourself and your home.


Take Advice From A Mold Lawyer

One of the hardest things about dealing with mold in your home is its ability to grow and multiply before you even know it exists. This gives the mold a chance to have drastic effects on your home before you’re able to treat it or fix the problem. Some of the damage that can be done to your home due to mold is structural damage, contamination, and complete outbreak. Most insurance policies won’t cover mold damage even though it can grow taking over an entire property and causing significant damage. Speaking with an insurance attorney Miami could be a helpful way to filter through your options and roadblocks to make sure the steps you’re taking are the right ones.

  • Call your insurance company right away: Call your provider immediately even if you only suspect you have a mold problem. This will ensure that they are aware of the potential problem from the beginning and avoid any long drawn out stalling that may occur. After you speak with a representative follow up your phone call with a fax, email, or letter, so you have something in writing stating the date and what was spoken about. Make sure you take and keep detailed notes on all of your conversations, including the names of the representatives you talked to and what their title at the company is. This will eliminate any chance of there being miscommunication about what was previously spoken about.


  • Review your policy: If you don’t have a complete copy of your policy ask your provider to send one over for you to look at. Carefully go over your “declarations page” this will tell you the coverage you have, the effective dates of the policy, as well as the policy limits for the coverage. You also want to make sure you go over the fine print of your policy to make sure you understand what is included and excluded and what you have to do to prove your claim. If there are any “endorsements” added to your policy look over those to see if they include anything extra in your coverage.


  • Take pictures of the damage: Make sure you take photos of any damage that the mold has done. A lot of times a provider will want to see these to get a better idea as to what the mold did to your home.


  • Protect your property from further damage, but don’t make any permanent repairs: You want to make sure your home is protected from any further mold damage, but you don’t want to make any permanent repairs that will hinder an insurance company from thoroughly reviewing the claim and covering the damage.


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