Tips on How To Lower The Risk of Property Theft

Property theft is as serious as it is unexpected. It’s not like a hurricane which you can prepare for. Someone breaking into your home and taking your belongings cannot be predicted, and the truth is, it most frequently happens when you’re not at home. What does that mean if you’re planning a vacation? We at Your Insurance Attorney want to share with you some vital tips for working to prevent the risk of your home getting targeted. If you do end up as a victim of property theft, then you’ll want a lawyer for theft to help you receive compensation. If you live in the Miami area, consider an insurance attorney Miami residents trust to protect their rights and choose us.


Tips to Lower Your Risk of Property Theft

Property theft most frequently occurs when you’re not home. Few thieves would dare try and rob a home where someone’s inside. That would leave them at high risk for getting turned in, after all. This means one of the best things you can do is to make your home look like it’s being used, even when you’re on vacation. Here’s some tips.

  • Lock Everything
    • It should go without saying that locking all your doors and windows is a good idea when you plan on being away for several days, but not everyone takes this measure. Never assume no one will try to break in, because you just might find your belongings stolen.
  • Have a Neighbor Collect your Mail
    • A full mailbox can indicate to people passing by that no one is home to collect the mail. This can alert someone scoping out neighborhoods for an easy target that there will be no resistance if they get in.
  • Set Automatic Outdoor Lights
    • Thieves often ignore well-lit homes because there’s a much higher risk of them being seen. It’s also alarming when automatic lights turn on, and that can scare a thief away, unsure of whether or not they’ve been spotted.
  • Place Security Cameras in Plain Sight
    • Thieves will often try to avoid homes with security systems. If you display them in plain sight, you’re sending a message that you’re prepared, and thieves want to target those who are not prepared.
  • Don’t Post Your Vacation Plans on Social Media
    • Believe it or not, there’s a chance someone on your social media might steal from you. Not everyone on social media is a close friend. Many are acquaintances who you might not know as well, and publicly sharing your location means you’ve broadcasted the vulnerability of your home to potentially hundreds or thousands of people.


Property Damage Attorneys Can Help With Pipe Lawsuit

When it comes to insurance companies, once you’ve filed a claim, an insurance adjuster will arrive to investigate the damages. They’ll use their greater understanding of the law to cheat you, or in other words, they’ll use their knowledge to underestimate the value of the damages or replacement costs with the goal of minimizing the expenses paid by the insurance company. This is why locating a lawyer for theft in your area is so important. Instead of them focusing on making your insurance company money, they’ll be focusing on ensuring you receive proper compensation. Because they understand the ins and outs of the legal process regarding claims, they’ll be able to even the playing field between you and the insurance adjusters. As such, your attorney will work to get you the compensation you deserve. This is why you should hire an insurance attorney Miami residents can rely on.


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