A Few Simple Tips To Prevent Kitchen Fires

A kitchen fire can be just as devastating as it is unexpected, and the truth is there are several different things that can cause one to occur. At Your Insurance Attorney in Coconut Grove of the Miami-Dade county, we have seen a number of clients come to us after a fire and sought legal help with handling their insurance claims. Because of this, we want to share some kitchen fire prevention tips to reduce the risk of one occurring at your home; however, if one does occur, you’ll want help from a public adjuster Fort Lauderdale homeowners can trust to ensure they get the maximum compensation for the damages.


Why Seek a Public Adjuster Fort Lauderdale Homeowners Trust?

Before we discuss fire prevention tips, you might be wondering what a public adjuster can do for you if you do experience a kitchen fire. Once the damage has been done, and you file a claim with your insurance company, they’ll send their own adjuster to your home to quantify the financial amount needed to repair the damage. The problem with this is the adjuster that works with your insurance company has a job to try and minimize the bill the company will need to pay you. This means they’ll find ways and excuses to undercut your compensation, when you may ultimately need to spend much more to repair your home. A public adjuster does the opposite. They’re an adjuster whose goal is to ensure that you receive the compensation they need, so they’ll do their own investigation to protect you from getting shafted by your insurance company.


Top Kitchen Fire Prevention Tips

While it’s important to seek aid from professionals when a kitchen fire occurs, the best way to handle such events is through prevention. There are several things you can do to optimize your kitchen prevention methods and minimize the risk of one occurring.

  • Maintain your appliances
    • This consists of both keeping your appliances clean and in good repair. Caked on food in a stove can potentially catch fire, as well as debris that sits on your stove, especially if yours has space underneath the stovetop for crumbs to collect. In addition, make sure your appliances are operating properly and call a professional if there’s an issue with them.
  • Unplug electronics when they’re not being used
    • Not only will this help you save on your power bill, but it will also remove the risk of a spontaneous electrical fire from occurring. Even when the electronics are turned off, there’s still power channelling through the wire.
  • Take care when using your stove
    • Keep flammables away from your stove. This means paper towels, dish cloths, long hair, and dangling clothing that could potentially find itself accidentally in contact with an open flame or hot surface. This also means you want to make sure your stovetop is properly cleaned, and that you avoid overfilling pots and pans with hot oil that could splatter over if filled too high.
  • Never leave cooking food unattended 
    • If something would catch fire, you want to be around to notice the signs and stop it. You can’t do that if you leave the stove on unattended, or if you leave something in the oven. If someone else is home, be sure to ask them to watch the kitchen for you if you need to run out.
  • Never place metal in your microwave
    • This one seems pretty self explanatory since many of us are told this growing up, but metal can cause a flood of sparks to fill the microwave which poses as a major fire hazard.


Contact Us for a Public Adjuster Fort Lauderdale Trusts

Hopefully, with these kitchen fire prevention tips at your disposal, you’ll be extra careful in the kitchen. That said, there’s always the small possibility that a fire can occur anyway. After you have put it out, or evacuated your family and pets, there’s likely going to be damage. Remember that a public adjuster can help ensure you receive the compensation you need for your repairs, and we at Your Insurance Attorney can provide one for you. If you live in the Miami-Dade county, and you’ve recently had a kitchen fire, then contact us today.

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