How To File An Insurance Claim Against Someone

You got rear-ended by a negligent pick-up truck. It struck your vehicle at an alarming speed which resulted in your complete read-end destroyed. But of course, their truck completely fine. Go figure. You need to file an insurance claim against them. At Your Insurance Attorney, we are here to instruct you how to go about that process properly. We are a successful insurance attorney Miami office.


Filing With Your Insurance

Did you know Florida has one of the highest car insurance rates in the country? You already pay a lot of money for car insurance; you mind as well take advantage of it. Here are the proper steps to file a claim against someone properly:

  1. Contact the police
    You always want to have another person take down the details of the accident in a police report. This is because you will most likely be shaken up after the crash and probably aren’t in the best position to adequately explain what happened. It is also helpful to have the police around in case the other party isn’t the most friendly. They will overall, make the situation safe.
  2. Collect the information you need about the car accident.
    It is helpful to create a car accident information list and have it ready when the accident happens. It will keep track of the necessary information you will need to file your auto claim. You want to document all the details of the accident so you can provide them to the insurance company.
  3. Call your insurance company
    Be sure to call your insurance company while you wait for the police to arrive. Also, make sure you are in a safe location. They will walk you through the next steps and tell you what you need to send them. There are some instances where your car is not drivable, and they will let you know what to do with your car and if you need a towing service. Depending on your policy, they may provide you with a rental car.
  4. A claim specialist gets assigned to you to settle the claim
    Once your claim is reported to the insurance company, they will assign an adjuster to work on your car claim.
  5. Get your car fixed and claim payment
    After the adjuster did all their research, you will have an estimate of the cost to repair or replace your vehicle. The estimate will generally outline the work to be done.

    Insurance Claim Through Other Driver

    Think of the scenario above, you are not at fault. You have to option to file your claim with the other driver’s insurance company. If you do this be sure to consider the following:

    • You will not be required to pay a deductible.
    • The other company will likely provide you with a vehicle.
    • The other company may not agree that their driver is 100% responsible which results in the insurance to only pay a portion of your damages.

    Make sure you have all the information about the other driver’s insurance. It is safest to take a picture of the ID and the insurance card. Simply, call the driver’s insurance provider or even try online. Your insurance agent may even help you with this process. An insurance attorney Miami firm will be a vital resource as well.


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