5 of the Most Common Insurance Claim Denials

Your insurance policy is supposed to protect your property financially against accidents and disasters that may befall it. However, it doesn’t always work that way. There are many insurance companies that do not fully compensate you for property damages or deny your claim based on certain terms. There are many types of insurance claim denials that often occur, so it is important to be informed regarding your insurance policy, what it covers, and how best to file a claim to optimize possible compensation. Life is unpredictable and many hazards could happen. Insurance policies are complicated, however, and in the case of pressing a claim, it may be wise to call a property damage lawyer. Your Insurance Attorney is a top insurance claim lawyer in the Miami area experienced in handling various cases regarding insurance policy to get you the maximum compensation you deserve for your home. Contact us for a free initial consultation today!


How to Read Your Policy


At some point, you as a homeowner might need to file a claim with your insurance policy. Whether it’s storm damage on your house, a guest slipping and falling at a vacation home, or some type of serious interior damage, some claims happen more frequently than others. Informing yourself about the issues which commonly affect homeowners can help you minimize risks associated with these claims and optimize possible compensation. A property damage lawyer can help you review your current policy and also help with future claims if needed.


Some of the most common insurance claims include theft, damage due to weather, hail, damage due to non-weather causes, and wind damage to exterior. An example of storm damage is hurricane damage from the hurricanes that have hit Florida in the past decade. Flooding, and wind damage can be serious and expensive and it’s important to insure your policy provides enough recompensation to rebuild. Other types of non-weather related damage could be electrical fires, space heater fires, flooding related to plumbing, and countless other things that can cause expensive property damage.


Types of Insurance Claim Denials


One thing that we at Your Insurance Attorney want you to know is that you don’t necessarily have to always accept your insurance company’s initial offer of repair or replacement compensation. Many companies only offer half of the actual replacement cost for different types of property damage, and may even deny a claim that has a policy stating coverage. If you as the policy holder suspect this type of activity, don’t hesitate to file an insurance dispute with an insurance claim lawyer like Your Insurance Attorney in order to receive your full legal compensation Retaining an attorney will often intimidate the insurance company, as well as guide you through the process of knowing your rights and a better understanding of the negotiation process. Moreover, they can be very useful in the potential litigation process.


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It’s important to be prepared- you never know what life might throw at you and your home. Not all policies are straightforward, so be informed about insurance claim denials. Your Insurance Attorney has been a top property damage lawyer in the Miami area for years, so call us today for a free initial consultation!

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