Tips on Getting Your Homeowner’s Insurance Claim Approved

Dealing with insurance companies can get quite stressful, especially while filing an insurance claim. Add a natural disaster on top of that and makes it seem even worse. You want to make sure that your homeowners insurance company is treating you fairly. Located in Miami Dade County. here at Your Insurance Attorney,  we are trained professionals who are dedicated to getting you all the information you need to not get your claim denied. Let your search for an “insurance lawyer near me,” be over!


Be Quick

Once a disaster strikes, you must act quickly. Don’t delay. You need to file a claim as soon as you can. Insurance adjusters usually come within 24-48 hours after the report to examine your damage. It is good practice also to get a third party to get an estimate of your total losses. A second opinion can be just what you need in comparison to the insurance company.


Your insurance company should then find you a contractor who is designated to assist you with repairs; however, you may also use your own contractor. If you do plan to use your own contractor, make sure the contractor and adjuster can meet so they can determine damages together. If the contractor finds more problems with your home versus your adjuster, your insurer may provide more compensation. This is why it is always wise to get a second opinion.


Record and Plan – Homeowners Insurance Company

Keep a record of your possessions. All of them. It may seem like a lot of work and very tedious, but the outcome of doing so is very beneficial. Many insurance companies even have apps you can use to assist you while doing this. It makes it less a hassle.


Know your plan. Reading all the fine print is essential. You need to know every detail of your insurance policy. This will ensure that you will not overlook any small aspects that may result in you in receiving less money. Some policies may pay for rent and food while you are out of a home. If you didn’t read into your policy details, you might realize this when it is too late.


Review your policy and take advantage of the resource that is right before you: your insurance agent. You are already paying a premium for the insurance, you mind as well utilize all the aspects it provides. Ask your agent about what is and is not covered in your particular policy. Then, ask how you can find coverage for the things that are not covered in your plan. An example of this is flood insurance. This is not included.


These simple steps will make a big difference when you file a homeowner’s insurance claim. Do not delay and be prepared. Do your research. You can google an insurance lawyer near me or contact us to put your mind at ease.


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