Reasons Why Your Fire Insurance Claim May Be Denied

When you’re dealing with homeowners insurance claims, it is easy to feel helpless and overwhelmed. This is especially true if you receive a denial from your insurance company. Find a property damage attorney in Miami-Dade County could be a fantastic way to navigate this situation and figure out what you should do next and how you should handle the situation. Your Insurance Attorney has the experience to help you make sure you understand that you have options. Keep reading to find out how you can handle this stressful situation!


The Best Way to Handle Homeowners Insurance Claims and Denials

Working with a property damage lawyer can be helpful when you’re trying to navigate the hectic and complex waters of insurance claims. If you file a claim with your insurance provider and it is denied right away, they will most likely launch an investigation into the incident that caused the fire. They will examine the extent of damage done, as well as the value of the claim. There are some insurance companies who will find any reason to blame the homeowners for the loss of their home and may go to extreme measures, including hiring special investigators, to justify blaming them. Working with an insurance attorney will allow you to gain access to resources that will allow you to conduct your own investigations and assessments to prove you were not at fault. A lawyer can also help handle negotiations and disputes with your insurance provider. For insurance companies, it is most beneficial for them to pay as little as possible in claims because it directly affects their profit and the cost of premiums, but for you, it is most beneficial to get as much money as possible from your claim. Things can get a bit hectic and frustrating when you both are after entirely different things. If you do, however, find yourself in this unfortunate situation, it’s helpful to have some basic background knowledge. 


When it comes to figuring out if your policy will cover the damages done by fire, it all comes down to the language in your policy. There are some policies that state they will only cover damage that is done by the fire itself, and others will cover any problems that arise from the fire, including smoke and water damage. In some instances, your provider will cover damage that is done to the structure, roof, plumbing, and electric. However, there are unfortunate circumstances where your claim may be denied. If this happens, your insurance company needs to provide a justifiable reason for doing so. In an effort to help homeowners avoid unfair denials, some states across the country have adopted the Unfair Claim Settlement Practices Act. Some common unfair denials that have been fought are:

  • Undervaluing the damage done
  • Accusing policyholders of arson
  • Not conducting investigations in time
  • Denial of claim despite sufficient evidence
  • Threatening prosecution in order to lower their payout
  • A clear violation of the terms of the policy


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