What To Do If You Have a Partial Fire Loss Claim

House fires can strike suddenly and without warning. They can cause a tremendous amount of damage to your home and your belongings, and they can often leave a homeowner lost and confused. Fortunately, if your home has been partially damaged or destroyed by a fire, then you may benefit from your homeowners insurance after fire loss. We at Your Insurance Attorney in Coconut Grove have experience helping homeowners who have dealt with fire loss also deal with their insurance companies. Because of this, we have some information to share with you in preparation for handling your fire damage claims. You might want to search for an “insurance lawyer near me” to assist with ensuring you get the compensation you deserve.


What to be Prepared for After Partial Fire Loss

Managing the aftermath of partial fire loss may seem disorienting, and handling your insurance company as well can be a challenge. Because of this, we’d like to share some information about what to expect during these times to help you best manage these situations.

  • Look for Hidden Damages
    • The main form of destruction from a fire will stem from the flames themselves, but a fire will also bring with it several other forms of damage. These Include:
      • Water Damage
        • A fire may ultimately affect pipes or appliances that could also cause water to leak into an area. This can cause unexpected water damage.
      • Smoke Damage
        • Smoke from the flames can cause damage of its own, such as blackening the walls and ceiling.
      • Mold Damage
        • If the fire created an area of flooding or a leak somewhere in your home, a mold outbreak might not be far behind.
      • Damage to Air Ducts
        • The fire can cause damage to the air system of your home.
  • Expect Delays
    • It’s entirely possible for a partial loss scenario to be treated as a low priority for insurance adjusters whom are often overworked. This can cause delays in you receiving the inspections that you need to carry on with the insurance claim process.
  • Consider Disputes Regarding Matching Restoration
    • Repairs and restorations should return your property specifically to a “uniform state.” This means if part of your roof gets damaged, for example, the entire roof may need to be replaced such that you have a uniform and consistent roof. An insurance company may try and dispute this, but it’s important to know what you’re entitled to.


A Property Damage Attorney Can Help With Homeowners Insurance After Fire Loss

Regarding any kind of claim, you’re going to be dealing with an insurance company. The truth about insurance companies is that they don’t necessarily care about you as a consumer. What they care about is ensuring they spend as little money as possible covering any damages for any client.


After the claim has been filed, an insurance adjuster will show up to inspect the damages, and they’ll use their expertise to try and cheat. By this, we mean that they’ll use their knowledge to underestimate the value of certain repairs or replacement costs in an attempt to minimize the expenses paid by the insurance company. This is why searching for an “insurance lawyer near me” is so important. Rather than investigate damages with the favor of the insurance company in mind, they’ll be doing the same for you in mind–making sure you receive the highest value for the repairs and replacements you need to put quality above all else. Because they understand the ins and outs of the legal process regarding claims, they’ll be able to combat the expertise held by insurance companies and fight to get you the best possible compensation.


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