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If disaster strikes, it’s important to be prepared. You never know when something could happen and damage your home, and you will need to file a homeowner’s insurance claim in order to replace or restore the various aspects of your home that were damaged. However, filing an insurance claim requires a certain amount of preparation so that it is able to be done in a smooth and optimal way. One of the ways that you can prepare yourself and your loved ones for disaster is to have a home inventory list. If catastrophe strikes, having a prepared home inventory on hand will greatly speed up your claims handling process. Moreover, it can make you feel more prepared and adequate to the situation at hand, thus relieving a lot of the stress and the overwhelming burden of preparing any such inventory after the situation has already occurred. After all, when something as serious as flooding or fire happens and damages your home, the emotional stress is plenty to deal with already- you probably aren’t thinking about doing a home inventory. Read on to learn more about how to keep and prepare a home inventory. Your Insurance Attorney is a top public adjuster Fort Lauderdale residents trust. Call Your Insurance Attorney in Miami today for your free initial consultation and get the compensation you deserve!


What To Know About Home Inventory


So what exactly is a home inventory, and how can it help you be more prepared? A home inventory makes sure that homeowners are sufficiently prepared, in terms of their insurance coverage, to deal with potential losses. When a claim is filed, the insurer will require a detailed list of all the items destroyed damaged, or stolen in order to assess your claim. Having the proper documentation on hand will help for a faster and smoother claims process, as well as maximize the reimbursement you are owed by your insurer. There are certain things that your home inventory report should include, such as:

  • A detailed description of your property
  • Photos and/or video footage
  • Estimated or appraised replacement value
  • Scans or copies of receipts and important documents


How To Make a Home Inventory List


Here are some tips from Your Insurance Attorney, a top public adjuster Fort Lauderdale residents trust. An easy way to begin is just to take some photos and home video on your phone. Take four clear photos of every room, and then a picture of your foot before you move on to the next room. In every room, make sure to take the pictures diagonally across to the opposite corner to capture items on the ceiling such  as ceiling fans, lights, and chandeliers. Then, before you leave the room, you can take photos of all open drawers and cabinets. Make sure to include pictures of personal property stored in your attic, pool, garage, and other outdoor structures as well. You can then expand to incorporating the corresponding receipts, serial numbers, and other identifying information, and also include proof of purchase, if available, of electronics and appliances. There are many mobile apps out there to assist you with creating an inventory as well, and it’s important to keep your inventory updated and easily accessible. 


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Having a home inventory list ready in case of disaster is a good way to be prepared. Your Insurance Attorney is a top public adjuster Fort Lauderdale residents trust. Call Your Insurance Attorney in Miami today for your free initial consultation today!


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