What To Do After A Home Invasion?

You hear about it all the time. It happens so frequently. Yet, you never expected it to happen to you. You are the recent victim of a home invasion. A group of burglars just robbed your home of your most personal and sentimental items. What do you do now? Do not worry. We are here to help. While we won’t be able to get your items back, we are here help give you the money you need to get these items again. Your Insurance Attorney is here for you. Located in Miami Dade County, we have all the information to what you need to do after your home is broken into.


What Do I Do?

Despite all the preparation and security measures that we use, home invasions still occur every day. Burglars are getting more and more clever. There are many ways for them to get into your home right under your nose. Knowing what to do following a home invasion can help to capture the culprit, recover losses, ease your mind.


Home Invasion Steps – Moving Forward

The following are steps to take if you are every involved in a home burglary.

  • Call The Police
    • This is the first and most crucial step in the aftermath of a home invasion. A burglar can only get so far, and if the police are on their way, they are more likely to apprehend the culprit. Do not touch or move anything in the home. There may be fingerprints or other evidence left behind that may help to identify the intruder. Write down everything you saw and can remember about the burglar (height, weight, gender, hair color, clothing or vehicle descriptions) as soon as you can. Do not wait, because your memory is likely to fade with the stress of the situation. Your mind is also likely subjected to external suggestion as you get further from the incident, making your memories less accurate.


  • Call Your Insurance Company
    • Once you have spoken to the police and filed a police report, it is time to assess the initial damage and call your insurance company. Your insurance company will need the number of the police report in order to move forward in the claims process. The police report serves as the official record for your insurance company and allows them to determine the value of stolen belongings — as well as if there is a need for emergency funding to repair windows, doors or other essential home elements.


  • Repair Your Security
    • After you have contacted your insurance company, it is time to figure out what went wrong with your security measures in order to prevent future break-ins. Often, burglars take advantage of opportunities presented them, as doing so is more accessible than breaking your security system to gain access to your home. Determine if the alarm system was working, a window was left open or a door left unlocked at the time of the invasion. Were the burglars able to hide from the view of neighbors due to overgrown plants or inadequate lighting? Determining inconsistencies in your security system will allow you to make adjustments to protect yourself moving forward.


  • Do Not Ignore Trauma
    • While your first instinct is to be strong for your family, you must not ignore the fact that you have just gone through a traumatic experience. Having your home invaded compromises your sense of security and peace of mind. Allow yourself time to cope and seek out professional assistance, if needed. Your health is the most important thing for you to take care of.


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