How Water Can Damage Your Home’s Foundation

One of the most devastating events to a home can be water damage. There are many ways in which a home can suffer severe damage, both inside and out, from water damage, and one of the ways is through its foundation. Water is able to crucially damage the foundation of your house in several different ways. The foundation is what forms the structural underpinning of the entire home. Damage to the foundation from water may proceed silently and may be in an advanced state prior to its being discovered. Or, the foundation damage may end up showing up as acute water damage to the interior of the house. Read on to learn about why you may need home foundation repair after water damage and how water can have a severe impact on your  home’s foundation. Your Insurance Attorney is a top insurance lawyer in Miami-Dade County. Call Your Insurance Attorney today for your free initial consultation.


How Water Can Damage The Foundation Of A Home


There are many ways in which water can damage the foundation of a home. Here are a few examples.

  • Soil around the house becomes water-saturated- Soil adjacent to the foundation that is loosely packed may absorb a large amount of water. The continuous presence of water can end up leaching into the foundation and get into the basement. Make sure that all of your gutters and downspouts work properly, and your landscaping should be graded in order to divert water away from the foundation. Indoors, a basement sump pump will allow for protection against acute inundation.
  • Structural Cracks- Silent water intrusion may remove supporting soil underneath the foundation footings and slab, and this loss of support may result in the foundation settling and cracking, as well as cracks and other defects in walls upstairs. Top insurance lawyer Your Insurance Attorney notes that subterranean drains can get rid of water from adjacent soil and prevent foundation damage, and a sump basin  and pump can assist with water pressure below the slab. 


You May Need Home Foundation Repair

  • Soil expansion and contraction- Soil that surrounds the foundation can alternate between water-soaked and dry. Expansion from water will result in positive pressure against the foundation and cause deformation or cracking, as well as allowing  water to infiltrate through the concrete. Dry soil contraction will get rid of support and may let the foundation settle and crack.
  • Moist foundations will affect wood structural components- The moisture from ground water may permeate the crawl space and rot wood members, resulting in mold growth. 
  • Sealing the crawl space from ground and outdoor sources of moisture, as well as installing a dehumidifier, will cut down on moisture damage. 


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Water damage can be highly insidious and end up resulting in a variety of damage to your home. The foundation of your home is a key component of the structure, and it is important to secure your home’s foundation from water damage in advance as a responsible homeowner in order to prevent future problems. Home foundation repair in a timely manner is also a key component of proper home ownership. Your Insurance Attorney is a top insurance lawyer in the Miami-Dade County area. Call Your Insurance Attorney today for your free initial consultation.


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