Smoke – The Overlooked Damage in a Fire Insurance Claim

Occasionally people pay too much attention to miscellaneous stuff when filing a fire insurance claim, but overlook an important aspect: Smoke. It is inherently dangerous and has the potential to severely damage your house. Impact of smoke is often latent, therefore, you may not become aware of the damage caused by smoke residue or extreme heat. Even if a fire incident happened in your neighbor’s house, it can still affect some part of your house as well.

The good news is, most insurance providers have policies which provide coverage for damages caused due to smoke. That being said, it can be highly complex and difficult to obtain the amount in coverage due to complexities in dealing with smoke damages. Your Insurance Attorney has devised a brief guide on how to get your smoke damage claim approved. Let’s check it out!

How to Claim Smoke Damage in a Fire Insurance Claim?

Smoke damages are not easily visible, therefore, an expert is required to conduct a detailed inspection to assess the damage caused by heat and smoke. However, it is a common practice that insurance companies send adjusters for this investigation, who do not possess skills and expertise to make a fair assessment of the added structural damage caused by the smoke. Moreover, some damages are latent and may take a considerable amount of time to show. These problems put you at a disadvantage when pursuing an insurance claim concerning heat and smoke.

However, if you believe that your house has sustained real damage due to smoke and your policy is supposed to cover it, then it can be highly beneficial for your case to acquire services of a property damage attorney. Your insurance providers are likely to deny your claim or will try to minimize the estimated amount of damage. Therefore, having a skillful property damage attorney will ensure that your rights remain protected and you get rightful compensation for the damage caused due to smoke that you are contractually entitled to receive.

A seasoned property damage attorney can construct a solid case in your favor by creating an assessment of smoke damage and gathering supporting evidence, which may further strengthen the credibility of your case. Your lawyer will also be able to negotiate much effectively with your insurer and better understand contractual technicalities, which can be highly advantageous for your claim. The aforementioned process can be impractical for an individual to follow and, consequently, they may have to settle for the lesser amount of settlement claim.


What is the point of paying monthly premiums if it does not help you mitigate your financial risks? Therefore, you must ensure that you seek maximum compensation for your damages via your fire insurance claim. If you wish to learn more about this subject or schedule a consultation, then contact Your Insurance Attorney to talk to an experienced property damage lawyer.

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