Common Causes of Electrical Fires and How to Avoid Them

An electrical fire is usually an unpredictable movement. We like to think that all of our appliances are modern and up-to-date so that we don’t have to consider them as risks. Unfortunately, power-driven fires happen quite often, with over 45,000 of them occurring every year. But there are always preventative steps we can take to avoid them. Your Insurance Attorney is your local insurance lawyer near me that can help you file a claim if you have lost belongings due to this type of damage. Located in Miami, Dade County, we work on a number of insurance claims involving property destruction, and fires caused by electrical mishaps is one of them.

To ensure your safety, here are some common causes for electrical fires and how to avoid them:

Common Causes


It can be hard to stop a power-driven fire if you don’t know what causes them. Here are just a few of the most common causes for these types of fire:


Faulty appliances: This is the most common cause. It happens when wiring in old or outdated appliances becomes defective. This also frequently happens with older outlets. They can ultimately send heat onto combustible surfaces such as floors, curtains, or rugs.


Light Fixtures: This includes fixtures, light bulbs, and lamps. A high wattage bulb may be too powerful for lamp usage and can result in an electrical fire. Placing cloth or fabrics over a lampshade is another fire hazard as well as faulty lamps or fixtures.


Extension Cords: Misuse of extension cords often cause fires as well. You should never have your appliances plug into an extension cord for an expanded amount of time. They should only be for a temporary measure.


Wiring: Outdated wiring often causes fires. Have an electrician check on your home wiring if it is twenty years old or more as these might not have the wiring capacity to handle today’s average electrical usage. With multiple television sets, lights, computers, air conditioners, and video games running all day long, the chances of wiring becoming defective is greater in these older homes.

Space Heaters: Your insurance lawyer near me may not see many of these if you are in the state of Florida. However, they do happen. These are generally portable and people make the mistake of placing them too close to flammable items.


How To Avoid an Electrical Fire

Most fires often start in the bedroom, so be sure to check any of the above fixtures or appliance to make sure they meet proper safety guidelines. In the meantime, here are a few other ways you can avoid power-driven fires in your home:


  • Never use an appliance that has a frayed or exposed wire.
  • Never run an appliance cord under a carpet or rug.
  • Check the maximum recommended bulb wattage for your lamps.
  • Always plug appliances directly into an outlet, not an extension cord.
  • Use radiator-type space heaters and don’t place them to close to combustible surfaces.
  • Check your breaker to make sure connectors are working properly.
  • Update any outdated circuits or wiring in your home.

Signs of hidden electrical issues:


  • Frequently overloaded circuit breakers
  • Flickering lights or intermittent power outages
  • Appliances or electrical devices that feel excessively hot
  • Shocks or sparks from appliances or outlets
  • Unexplained burning smells

What To Do in the Aftermath


Contact your local insurance lawyer near me if you have been the victim of a fire caused by electric devices. Your Insurance Attorney in Miami Dade Country can walk you through the steps for receiving compensation for this disaster.

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