Electrical Damage Due To Water And What To Do

Water damage can be a massive nightmare to deal with, but have you stopped to consider what if your electronics suffers from electrical damage as a result of water as well? All it takes is the wrong series of events to trigger at an inopportune moment, and you might have a major electrical problem on your hands. We at Your Insurance Attorney understand the severity of this type of ordeal and have seen it before. If you’re in need of a property damage attorney Miami, then let our experienced staff of professionals help you in receiving the compensation you deserve from your insurance company.


How Water Damage can Become Electrical

When water and electronics meet, bad things can happen. This is common knowledge that we learn growing up, but to be more specific: the water itself doesn’t conduct electricity, but the ions in water do. What happens is an electrical connection develops between all the ions like a large web. This large electrical current can damage circuits in the devices that are submerged, causing a short-circuit. This is if the device is on and holding an electrical charge. Even if the device is off and not holding a charge, however, you may still see damage. This is because the metal of the device can experience corrosion from the ions in the water. Sodium Chloride, also known as salt, is the primary culprit. The more Sodium Chloride that’s in the water, the faster the corrosion will progress. Newer devices may be built to better prevent the risk of short circuits by preventing water from reaching more fragile areas inside, but the risk of corrosion can still pose a problem.


For devices with LCD or LED screens, such as computers and TVs, there’s risk of the screens developing dark spots when in contact with water. This can also develop from exposure to high humidity over a large period of time, such as after a tropical storm or hurricane if power is lost. Large appliances can develop mold inside if they aren’t allowed to dry properly.


If you’re looking to clean and repair your electronics to pre-loss condition, there may be some hope for certain items. Appliances can possibly be saved as more delicate mechanical parts are often more heavily protected. For smaller electrical devices, repair may be far less common, and even if they can be repaired, the cost might be higher than simply replacing them. It all has to do with how high the water level got inside your home as well as how long items were exposed to water and humidity. Regardless, it’s important to have your items inspected to determine what can and cannot be salvaged, and also avoid plugging in your items until after they’ve been inspected as well.


For Electrical Damage, Seek A Property Damage Attorney Miami

If you’re seeing the electrical damage as a result of flooding or water damage, don’t fret. The experts at Your Insurance Attorney are on your side and will help you receive the compensation you deserve to repair or replace your damaged electronics. Don’t let your insurance company bully you into taking the lowest possible amount of money. Contact us today and get help from a property damage attorney Miami in restoring your electronics to pre-loss conditions.

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