Can You Be Sued for Accidental Property Damage

Things just happen. It is as simple as that. Accidents happen. Especially when renting, you can’t avoid the inevitable. Your child can color on the wall, or you can spill some Merlot on the carpet. Or maybe your German Shepherd scratched up the hardwood floors. Does this mean that your landlord can kick you out, or even sue you? The answer really depends on the situation. Here at Your Insurance Attorney, we are here to inform you of all the things you need to know in reference to a damage to property charge. Our Miami office is dedicated to clearing up the air with property damage. We are a property damage lawyer office who truly cares about getting results for you, and accomplishing a result that satisfies your needs.


It Is Their Legal Right

Your landlord has the legal right to charge you with property damage. Sometimes that charge can be more than your security deposit. The second you see how much you owe, it can get a little overwhelming. Do not jump to conclusions. It is best to keep in mind what goes into play with these charges. You need to understand the scale most landlords use when faced with damages.


Wear and Tear Equals No Damage to Property Charge

If it is simple to wear and tear that you are worried about, there is no need to get flustered. No matter who you are, if a person lives in a unit for any period of time, there is going to be some minor damages. This includes scuffs on the wall, worn out carpet, holes in the wall due to paint, etc. Landlords can typically deduct from deposits for damage, but not for wear and tear.


A common problem that is prominent in the argument is whether there is “wear and tear” or if there is “damage.” Consult with a property damage lawyer to see if your wear and tear is considered damage.


It Can Happen

Unfortunately, there is the rare occasion where your landlord files a lawsuit. This usually only happens when the damage you caused to the home cost the landlord a fair share of the money. When this situation happens, it is good to have photos and documentation to prove the extent of the damages. You want to make sure that your landlord is not suing you for more than the damages actually cost to fix. An experienced attorney would be a great asset to have in order to ensure you do get taken advantage of.  It might help your case if you end up with a judge trying to estimate the cost of damages.


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