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Commercial property insurance and the losses that may come with it may come in an array of various types and forms. For example, in the state of Florida, a loss to a condominium association building’s common area (the building versus the unit owner’s property) is technically a commercial loss. This means that not all commercial losses may center around business, trade, or commerce, and can be more complicated than meets the eye initially. Generally, commercial businesses will have their personal unique policies and endorsements that may be structured for their individual needs. These policies are generally called “manuscript policies.” Due to “manuscript policies,” losses to a business can and often involve very significant issues and challenges that can be time consuming and require the guidance of a trained professional. The first and foremost job of management is to continue everyday business operations and make sure that the business is up and running, which is why a professional public adjuster should be retained at the very on-set of a loss, so that management can hone in on issues that will restore the operations of the business. Read on to learn more about commercial claims adjusting and why you should have a commercial claims adjuster on hand. If you are looking online for an “insurance lawyer near me” in the Miami area, call Your Insurance Attorney in Coconut Grove today!


Commercial Property Damage Claims Can Be Complicated


Generally, insurance companies will put their most experienced claims adjusters to work on commercial claims due to the fact that they can be so complicated. This can put the policyholder at a major disadvantage if they don’t have a public adjuster representing their best interests and assisting them with their asset recovery decisions when it comes to issues such as damage mitigation and business interruption claims. While the policyholder is focusing on getting their business up and running, we at Your Insurance Attorney are protecting the complicated problems that surround your insurance claim. For the most part, commercial businesses and their management staff will have a somewhat higher level of sophistication in insurance matters, meaning that brokers are typically retained to formulate specific programs in order to meet commercial business insurance needs. In larger corporations, it is not out of the norm to see to see in-house risk managers employed in order to keep tabs of insurance coverage due to an ever-changing risk profile from new products or business plans. When an insured suffers a loss, the first reaction may be to notify the broker and/or risk manager in order to report the claim. Even though the broker and/or risk manager should and do play an essential part on the claim, they are not adjusters- which is why you still need to look for an “insurance lawyer near me.” 


We Are A Top Commercial Claims Adjuster


When there is a loss, someone still has to deal with the many details involved in actually adjusting and documenting the damage incurred. This is where the public adjusters at Your Insurance Attorney come in, so that we can assist your company in a commercial insurance claim while you maximize your time in making sure that your business is up and running following any damages or losses incurred.


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Your Insurance Attorney is a top commercial claims adjuster in the Miami area. If you are looking for an “insurance lawyer near me,” call Your Insurance Attorney in Coconut Grove today!

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