Protecting Yourself Against Settlement Without Investigation

When it comes to a claims settlement, it’s important to know your rights and investigate any claims made against you in order to protect yourself from wrongful claims. Don’t make a settlement without full investigation of the case and all of the statements alleged against you. It’s crucial to informed regarding the time frame you should be making this investigation as well as how a lawsuit would generally play out. Know how a top insurance claims attorney such as Your Insurance Attorney would negotiate the settlement of a lawsuit can help you navigate how to investigate claims and handle a lawsuit. If you’re looking for an insurance attorney in the Miami area, call Your Insurance Attorney today for a free initial consultation!


Settlement Discussions and the Importance of Investigation


Personal injury cases are generally settled before or during trial, which is why it’s important to conduct an investigation with your lawyer of the claims made against you rather than simply settling for a case that may not hold up in court. Only a small percentage of personal injury cases end up being tried in court and having a jury decide the verdict. Since there are many benefits of having personal injury lawyer to negotiate the settlement of a lawsuit, it’s important for the party who claims are being levied against to gather all the evidence and make sure that the claims made against them are valid prior to settling. Serious settlement discussions will almost never start following the filing of a civil lawsuit until the defense attorney has done all of the pretrial investigation that they deem necessary. Insurance attorneys such as Your Insurance Attorney will utilize tools such as interrogatories and depositions in order to gather evidence from the claimant and assess their case.


Investigation in a Claims Settlement


When it comes to larger or more complicated cases, defense attorneys typically don’t begin settlement discussions until after the plaintiff’s lawyer has identified the plaintiff’s expert witnesses, preferring to wait and see if the opposing side has actually done the work that is necessary to bring the case to trial. When settling out of court, it is the insurance company in question and the defense attorney who are facing off. These two are the ones holding the money, and if the insurance claims attorney and the insurance company are not going to seriously discuss settlement, the plaintiff and the plaintiff’s attorney will not be able to seriously conduct settlement discussions. Generally, the plaintiff’s lawyer will not want to look too eager to talk settlement, as it can be seen as being desperate. If the plaintiff seems overeager and desperate to settle, the defense attorney will generally throw out lowball offers and be able to get the plaintiff to settle for a smaller amount.


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Due to the fact that the majority of personal injury cases are settled out of court or during trial, it is important for you and your insurance claims attorney to take the time to conduct a thorough investigation of the claims levied against you in order to gain the best position and know what you’re going into before even starting serious talks about claims settlement. Your Insurance Attorney is a top insurance claims attorney in Miami Dade County. If you’re looking for a defense attorney in the area, call us today for a free initial consultation!

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